Propagating fun of Trail Running.
Making the runnninng something more fun.

We are running creator groups aiming at the making of platform of the trail running.
We are active for the spread of a trail running and sound development.
And mutually recognize the diversity of each other, and aim at the realization of “the trail alliance conception” in which the trail and the runner are gradually connected.

Corporate name:
General Incooporated Association Runabout

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


In sports with a focus on running contribute to healthy development of the national of mind and body,And then expand the business to contribute to society.
– The spread, development and public relations of a trail running.
– Planning of a running event, operation and support.
– Support of business management and advice.
– Development and offer of internet services.

Representive Director
Naoki Kubota

Co-representeive Director
Katsuji Sekiya



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